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Zebra Wireless Networks / Wireless LAN

Zebra wireless networking products and wireless LAN (local area network) equipment includes access points, bridges, controllers, accessories and software plus security appliances.

Featuring high-speed, high-density, dependable Wi-Fi access for multiple devices (or even over phone lines, depending on the chosen hardware), Zebra wireless networking products are ideal for providing Internet access both within and outside the four walls of your business. These devices provide support and scalability for the most demanding wireless applications, and are the perfect fit for education campuses, retail, hospitality, and even distribution centers.

RACO carries a wide selection of supplies, accessories, software, spare parts, and replacement parts for Zebra printers, mobile computers, scanners and RFID products. We also provide support and service for your Zebra hardware. Visit our Zebra product page for more information.


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