Less Weight. More Features. 14% More Productivity.

The Zebra TC8000 mobile computer is loaded with efficiency-enhancing features and a revolutionary new design that boosts productivity of warehouse workers without any extra effort. An innovative screen angle eliminates the need for the user to stop and tilt the device to view the screen in between scans. Stopping to tilt the device only takes a few seconds, but when this motion is repeated hundreds of times per hour, the time can add up quickly. So quickly, in fact, that eliminating these tilt motions can add up to one full hour of productivity, per worker, per shift — the equivalent of gaining an extra worker for every 8 workers — increasing your productivity by an astounding 14%.

Video: See the Zebra TC8000 in action!

The ‘Tilt’ Productivity Drain Explained:

120 picks per hour x 3 ’tilt motions’ per pick = 360 wasted motions per worker per hour

x8 hours per shift = 2,880 wasted motions per worker per shift

x1.25 seconds per ’tilt motion’ = 3,600 wasted seconds per hour, per shift 

= 1 hour per worker, per shift

The Results?

Increased warehouse throughput. The same number of workers can handle more tasks per day.

Customer satisfaction and retention are increased. Customers receive orders accurately and on time.

Increased employee satisfaction. Work processes are simpler, while superior ergonomics improve user support.

Training is virtually eliminated. Reduces the cost of training and need for lengthy training periods.

Combine with the QLn420 mobile printer for the ideal Inventory Management Solution

Zebra’s user-friendly QLn mobile printers help you print barcode labels and more, wherever and whenever needed both inside and outside the four walls of your business. The QLn420’s over-molding and tempered-glass display — coupled with its seamless, one-piece design — make it the most durable QLn model ever seen. The QLn420 printer boosts your operation’s productivity through a larger, sharper, easier-to-navigate display, faster high-performance printing, smart battery technology with higher capacity and health status, and many convenient charging accessories.

By combining the power and efficiency of the TC800 and QLn420 with the great flexibility and robust feature set of RACO’s Inventory Management platform, you will be capable of tracking, managing, and utilizing your inventory and assets more reliably than ever before. Our web-based portal means that there is no extra software to install or update, and will give you the power to keep tabs on everything from the most common product in your inventory that is always running out, to that expensive, one-of-a-kind piece of equipment that never seems to be at the right place at the right time.

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