Jul 15, 2016 / Written by Woody Myers

If you’re treating supplies like throwaways, you could be making a costly mistake. Using the wrong materials could cause premature printhead failure, which increases down time and help desk calls to IT. Using the wrong materials can affect readability of your labels, leading to lost productivity caused by having to reprint labels. Zebra supplies can help you with that.

Zebra uses only pre-tested materials and quality processes to ensure consistent results, which reduces the need to reprint labels due to poor readability and scanability. These extra measures ensure that our supplies will work not only in your customers’ printers, but in their applications as well.  Zebra supplies are more expensive because they are higher quality, which helps operations run smoother and ultimately, saves the customer more money in the long run.


We are currently involved in a FREE Freight program that provides fast delivery from four warehouses around the country.

1. FREE Delivery anywhere in the continental U.S.
2. Faster shipping times from one of four stocking warehouses : St. Louis, MO, Carlisle, PA, Dallas, TX, and Fresno, CA

For more information about the right labels for your job, call a product specialist today at 1-800-446-1991.