The labels, tags, and receipt paper used in your customers’ operations provide critical information. They help enhance the customer experience, improve operational efficiency, support business growth and can even ensure brand consistency. Using the wrong label — or a low quality label — could lower productivity as well as customer satisfaction.

As your Zebra supplies partner, we at RACO promise to deliver tested, reliable materials that are of consistently high quality. Top performance is assured, keeping your business running at its peak.

Consistent Processes and Materials = High Quality

  • ISO 9001:2008-certified
  • The use of consistent materials from run-to-run — we never substitute materials
  • Utilize a 23-point inspection process to ensure premium craftsmanship
  • Materials are selected to ensure we deliver consistent high-quality products

Pre-tested Solutions Ensure Performance

  • We know thermal printers and test all materials in our printers to reduce premature printhead wear
  • Environmental testing which includes outdoor and chemical resistance
  • We offer UL and cUL certified and RoHS-compliant solutions

Reliability Means Your Operations Keep Running

  • One of the largest thermal label converters in North America with expertise in converting thermal media
  • Our four U.S. converting location offer manufacturing redundancies resulting in quick delivery and minimal interruptions
  • We only use inks, varnishes, tools, and equipment that meet the requirements of thermal materials

Take a look at the RACO Supplies Guide for more info.


Supplies Management Program

Inferior supplies put your customers’ business at risk. Unreadable barcodes, jams, printhead failures, inefficient labeling procedures, and printing on supplies that aren’t optimized can compromise your brand and business processes. Locate where operational landmines lurk and where your productivity and profitability lag with Zebra’s Free On-site Labeling Assessment.

The Importance of optimized supplies

Labels provide a digital voice to your assets. A barcode label seems simple – a label is a label right? Not exactly. There are thousands of thermal materials and each has its own unique set of features. The fact is, using the wrong supplies can be almost as disruptive as trying to run a business without them.

Zebra Supplies Guide

Selecting the Right Label

Zebra’s Free On-Site Labeling Assessment will help your customers:

  • Identify danger zones from inefficient procedures
  • Eliminate labeling landmines caused by inferior or non-optimized supplies
  • Expose conventional technologies

On-Site Process

A Zebra Supplies Labeling expert will visit your location to:

  • Walk-through all areas where you are using thermal labels
  • Understand the processes your thermal labels support
  • Uncover any challenges you are currently experiencing
  • Inspect your printers
  • Gather label samples for evaluation within our Supplies R&D lab

Free Report

Your customized labeling assessment report includes:

  • An overview of all thermal label applications reviewed
  • Identification of opportunities to enhance your labeling applications to deliver cost savings and efficiencies
  • Recommended next steps


Printhead Protection Program

Why Worry About Unexpected Printhead Replacement Costs?

As long as you agree to use genuine Zebra™ supplies exclusively, all your failed printheads will be replaced at no charge!*

To try out the free Printhead Protection Calculator, click here.

High-Quality, Consistent, Reliable Performance

Eliminate downtime due to inconsistent print quality, re-prints or scanability issues, and increase productivity by using genuine Zebra™ supplies. Our supplies have been extensively tested and approved by Zebra Supplies R&D to ensure high-quality, crisp images and text. Once selected, we never substitute materials, ensuring consistent print quality and eliminating the need to adjust printer settings. With more than 1,000 combinations of high quality and reliable labels, tags, receipts, wristbands and ribbons, including over 500 stock products, Zebra can meet the durability requirements of most applications. The Printhead Protection Program will also reward you for using genuine Zebra supplies with free printheads.

Enrollment is Easy!

Simply fill out a Printhead Protection Enrollment Form with your Zebra supplies partner, and start ordering your supplies. The agreement will automatically be renewed every year as long as you continue to purchase Zebra supplies.

Benefits of This Program For You

  • Eliminate downtime due to inconsistent print quality, re-prints or scanability issues, and increase productivity by using genuine Zebra™ supplies.
  • No unpredictable printhead replacement costs.
  • The convenience of a one-source supplier.
  • Benefit from lower cost of operation and ownership.
*Excludes mobile printers

Ready for unmatched Printhead Protection? Enroll today!