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Zebra RFID Reader Antennas

Delivering high performance, global compatibility, and space-saving rugged design, Zebra RFID reader antennas provide boosted range and performance to your RFID readers. Perfect for large applications, high traffic indoor and outdoor areas, and even customer-facing locations.

Zebra RFID reader antennas provide warehouses, manufacturing, field mobility, transportation, and retail venues the solution you need for data transfer for portals, outdoor gates, conveyors, POS, endcap displays, indoor manufacturing, receiving dock doors, outdoor shopping areas, doorways, choke points, ceilings, and walls to create superior read zones around shelves. These products feature high-speed RF signal conversion and wide read field, so data capture is accurate and fast even in high-demand areas.

RACO carries a wide selection of supplies, accessories, software, spare parts, and replacement parts for Zebra printers, mobile computers, scanners and RFID products. We also provide support and service for your Zebra hardware. Visit our Zebra product page for more information.




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