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Zebra Printable Wristbands

Featuring a wide range of features like self-lamination, pre-punched holes, optional adhesives, and even clip enclosures, Zebra printable wristbands (thermal, laser, and RFID) work well with patients and customers in the hospitality and healthcare fields. They can be custom-printed for anyone in the hospital, including patients, visitors, and even newborns. Hospitality venues like amusement parks can use these wristbands for admission, special tickets, and more.

Zebra laser printable wristbands are self-laminating, protecting themselves from moisture, lotions, and more, making them a perfect fit for environments that are exposed to the elements and customers that are wearing sunscreen. Also available with punched holes, allowing them to be attached to patient charts and more.

Zebra RFID wristbands (featuring either UHF direct thermal printable and HF non-printable) allow you to print on-demand or use non-printable wristbands for cashless payments, access control, and patient identifications.

Thermal printable wristbands by Zebra fit a wide variety of solutions including patients and patrons. Also available are Zebra thermal wristband printers that feature a small footprint to fit WOWs (work stations on wheels), nurse areas, and stations where space is limited — such as ticket booths and counters.

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