Jun 20, 2017 / Written by Woody Myers
Zebra Industrial Wearable Solutions

Do your workers need hands-free mobility? Now, you can build the perfect system with the next generation of Zebra Industrial Wearable Solutions.  Today’s warehouse workers are forced to carry and ship more products, faster than ever and Zebra Industrial Wearable Solutions offer the perfect blend of enterprise-class wearable form and function. Zebra has married their signature rugged design required in the warehouse with industry-leading ergonomics and human factors design to deliver extraordinary comfort, durability and workforce productivity.

Increase worker productivity by 15%

Zebra has everything you need to create a powerful hands-free picking solution that allows workers to pick more orders, more accurately per day. Multi-modal and speech-directed picking applications allow the user to focus on work, instead of a device. Zebra’s hands-free wearable solutions improve user mobility, comfort and accuracy. The result? There is a 15% increase in worker productivity and a 39% reduction in errors versus voice-only solutions.

Simplify deployments, management and operations with Android and Mobility DNA

Your warehouse employees can significantly lower training time by leveraging Android’s modern, user-friendly OS — now fortified for the enterprise. Mobility DNA is the only platform that bonds a secure enterprise environment with the familiar, user-friendly experience of Android.

TekSpeech Pro 4: a new level of flexibility and performance for multi-modal speech-directed applications

No matter what functions you want to integrate, TekSpeech Pro 4 provides the flexibility to do it — from voice-only to voice plus all the additional modes available on the WT6000 Wearable Computer — such as the ability to read instructions or confirm information on a display, enter information on a keyboard, or scan barcodes with the addition of a ring scanner. Comprehensive, best-in-class application development tools provide everything needed to create rich multi-modal speech workflows, from script development to integration with backend systems. And the new voice recognition client is better and faster than ever.

Lower backroom complexity with an all-in-one cradle system and common/swappable batteries

Zebra’s unparalleled ShareCradle system brings a new level of simplicity to device management. Now you can charge your WT6000 wearable computer and RS6000 ring scanner in a single modular cradle, without removing the batteries. And the WT6000 and RS6000 share a common battery, greatly simplifying battery management.

Build it your way

Zebra’s Total Wearable Solutions include a Bluetooth 1D/2D ring scanner, corded 1D and 1D/2D ring scanners, corded and cordless headsets — allowing you to customize the right solution for your applications, performance needs and budget.

For more information about Zebra Industrial Wearable Solutions, call a product specialist at 1-800-446-1991.