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Zebra Healthcare Scanners

Specifically built to improve patient experience and safety while providing hospitals reliable data collection automation as well as improving data accuracy the Zebra healthcare scanners are a top choice of healthcare professionals. A great fit for patient admitting, specimen collection, patient identification, blood product administration, pharmacy medication tracking and medication administration.

Increasing productivity of caregivers by streamlining everyday patient room processes, pharmacy and even laboratories while meeting the needs of the unique set of requirements for healthcare facilities and hospitals. Featuring an ergonomic design, dependable data capture of barcodes and even images as well as codes in poor conditions. Showcasing patient friendly features like night mode which vibrates the scanner instead of making noise as to not disturb patients, housing which resists spreading of bacteria and is resistant to harsh disinfectants plus long battery life for full shift use which is perfect for point-of-care environments even for the workstation-on-wheels (WOWs) or other carts like computers-on-wheels (COWs).

RACO carries a wide selection of supplies, accessories, software, spare parts, and replacement parts for Zebra printers, mobile computers, scanners and RFID products. We also provide support and service for your Zebra hardware. Visit our Zebra product page for more information.




Zebra healthcare scanners are specifically designed with the patient and caregiver in mind. Contact us today for more info.