Jan 28, 2013 / Written by Woody Myers

Here’s another example of why it might be a good idea for you to have a separate work phone from your personal phone.  Recently, the official twitter account of the Dallas Police Department had to make the following declaration:

Our apologies for the fruit Ninja tweet sent earlier. One of our kids played the game on our iPhone and unknowingly tweeted their score.

In the middle of updates on homicides and coverage of community events, the Dallas Police Department’s official account gave a progress report for an iPhone game. “I just sliced 38 fruit in Classic Mode on Fruit Ninja for iPhone!”  At best, a person’s reaction might be just “kids being kids.”  But others (like your customers, vendors, and other employees) might consider it a security breach.  At the very least, because of unauthorized use of official equipment by non-department personnel, Dallas’s Finest have egg on their face.  (THOUSANDS of times over as it has been retweeted and blogged about in articles like this one)  And it is not the first time personal tweets came from the official account.  That’s a risk you face every day if you have a Bring Your Own Device policy.

One of two things happened to allow the Fruit Ninja score to come over the official Twitter feed: either an officer had their official work-related applications on their personal smartphone along with their games and other apps.  Or the employee had video games on their work device.  Either way, this is a good example of why you should ensure your employee’s work activities and personal past-times don’t mix.

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