Mar 16, 2015 / Written by Woody Myers

The Honeywell Thor VM1 Rugged Full Screen Vehicle Mount Computer features a dramatically faster processing platform and three breakthrough features that enhance productivity and efficiency: Quick Mount Smart Dock, Ignition Control, and Field Replaceable Front Panel.  Here are some troubleshooting tips to keep this device running smoothly.

Warm boot will save configurations made to the RFTerm Terminal Emulator, the Summit Radio, and the Control Panel Settings and will reload the System, Client, and Cab Files from RAM to Flash Memory.

  1. Select the Windows Start Button / Select Run and on the command line type the word warmboot (All one word)
    1. From the main Windows Menu, select Start / Settings  / Control Panel  /  Registry Icon / Warmboot Box
      Start Button Registry ICONLoad Factory Defaults
  2. Press and Hold the RED (On / Suspend) Button for 10 Seconds to warm boot the device. The only way to warm boot if the device is locked or frozen.

Cold boot is now Load Factory Defaults which resets RFTerm Terminal Emulation, Summit Radio, Control Panel changes, and will remove client software from the System Folder.

Cold boot Command does not work.  Load Factory Defaults is the  only way to accomplish the reset to Factory Defaults on the VM1 / Tecton running CE 6.0.

From the Main Windows Menu Select / My Device / Control Panel  /  Registry Icon / Reset Factory Defaults. When prompted “Are you Sure?” answer YES. The device will reboot. The Touchscreen calibration will need to be performed.

For more information about the mighty Thor VMC1, contact a RACO product specialist at 1-800-446-1991.