You spend your days making deliveries, repairing equipment or providing services — from plumbing and electrical to parcel delivery, yard maintenance and more. Every day, there’s so much to do, so little time to get it done — and so many competitors for your customers to call if you can’t get the job done fast enough. You need a tool that can help you work faster and smarter. You need the TC25. You get all the features you need to get more done and satisfy more customers every day:

  • ‘Just right’ durable design — you can drop it on the floor and use it in the cold, heat, rain and snow — and it still works.
  • The right features — get the information you need faster than ever to slash the time it takes to perform all those everyday tasks.
  • The right service program for the right price — so you can easily keep your devices up, running and in your hands.
  • All day power, guaranteed — with the unique PowerPack snap-on extended battery.
  • The fastest cellular speeds — delivering fast application access and great voice quality.

Get more done in less time with the TC25 — the rugged smartphone designed for your small business.

Save time and money, increase sales and boost profitability with the Zebra TC25 Rugged Smartphone — the rugged smartphone for small business

Built for work
Rain. Heat. Sub-zero cold. Drops. Spills. The TC25 can handle it all.

All day power — always
No need for a charger — just snap on the unique PowerPack and keep on working.

A real scanner for real time-savings
Smartphone cameras aren’t built for barcode scanning — that’s why the TC25 delivers the same scanning technology that drives many of the world’s field service teams. You get instant and effortless point-and-shoot capture of any electronic or printed barcode in virtually any condition — no aiming and no waiting. So no matter what your workers are doing, with a real Zebra scanner inside, they’ll get it done faster, more accurately and more efficiently — boosting workforce productivity, customer service and profitability.

Instantly document everything
From proof of delivery to a damaged package or a completed repair, you can document it all with the 8 MP autofocus color camera.

The right service plan for the right price
With Zebra OneCare™ SV, you get two years of coverage for normal wear and tear and device failure, unmatched from-the-manufacturer technical support, a Device Diagnostics Tool for onsite troubleshooting, priority repair turnaround time, free return shipping and more — all for a fraction of the cost of a single, uncovered repair. And when you add LifeGuardTM for AndroidTM to your service plan, you get true peace of mind — guaranteed security updates throughout the lifecycle of your TC25 mobile computer.

Easy to use — no learning curve
The TC25 makes it so easy to do business. With Android, you get pinch and zoom and all the same familiar gestures you already use on your personal smartphone. The screen is just as easy to see outside as it is indoors. The large touchscreen displays all the information you need to see — without scrolling. And three programmable buttons provide instant access your most used features and applications.

Doubles as a walkie-talkie
With an instant voice connection and secure text messaging, you can reach a specific worker, a specific group of workers, or all of your workers at the press of a button.
And with secure text messaging, you can still reach workers, even when a phone call isn’t appropriate.*

Fast cellular connections for crystal clear voice calls and great application performance 
With support for 4G and VoLTE, you get HD calling for exceptional voice clarity and fast connections. And with three to six times the data bandwidth over 3G or 2G, you can count on fast app performance and rapid screen draws.

Fast Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
The fastest Bluetooth connections mean great performance for Bluetooth headsets and printers. And with 802.11ac, you can switch to fast Wi-Fi connections when you’re in the office, at home or in a public hot spot, without sacrificing connection quality.

It’s a snap to enter barcodes into your apps
Send barcodes captured with the scanner right into your existing apps with Zebra’s DataWedge — no programming or modification of your existing apps required. The result? A big time-savings — without any cost.


For 45 years, Zebra’s innovative mobile devices have increased efficiency, sales and profitability in many of the world’s largest field service and delivery operations. Now, you can put that same innovation to work in your small business with the TC25.

For more information about rugged smartphones, call 1-800-446-1991.

* Workforce Connect PTT Express provides basic push-to-talk services between TC25 and other compatible Zebra mobile devices inside the four walls for no cost. Workforce Connect PTT Pro is a cost-effective subscription service that provides comprehensive push-to-talk and secure text messaging services between TC25 and other compatible Zebra mobile devices outside the four walls.