Everyone knows first impressions are important. But in retail, last impressions can count even more. POS lanes are your last touchpoint with your customer — a touchpoint that can make or break a sale and the customer experience. Keeping checkout lines moving couldn’t be more important — or more challenging. Manufacturers are using new GS1 DataBar and 2-D bar codes to improve inventory management throughout the retail supply chain. Customers are rapidly adopting electronic bar codes that represent loyalty cards, discount coupons and gift cards for their value and convenience, since they can be stored on the one device they have with them at all times — their mobile phones. If your POS can’t accommodate these codes, cashiers have to manually enter the bar code data, resulting in long wait times at the POS, and frustrated, dissatisfied customers.

But with the MP6000 multi-plane imager, your POS is ready for any 1-D and 2-D bar code, whether it is printed on paper, a plastic loyalty card or displayed on the screen of a mobile phone. Plus, a modular design allows you to add new capabilities when new business needs arise. The result? No more long wait times at the POS. Reduced risk of abandoned sales. An investment that will serve your needs today and well into the future. And a great last impression that will foster increased loyalty and return visits.

Unsurpassed scanning performance

Scans bar codes at a higher rate than any laser bioptic scanner available today with Zebra’s industry leading, proven imaging technology

Capture any bar code

Auto-discriminate reading of 1-D and 2-D bar codes: on paper labels — even if they are damaged, on plastic loyalty or gift cards or on the screen of a mobile phone

Exceptional reliability, cost-savings and total cost of ownership (TCO)

Minimize breakdown and maintenance costs — there are no moving parts in the scan engine, reducing power consumption by at least 30 percent; its capacitive buttons won’t wear out

Customizable to meet the needs of your store and your customers

With six ports, you can easily add new capabilities, such as a scale, a Customer Side Scanner to allow customers to scan bar codes on their mobile phones and their loyalty cards, handheld scanners and EAS devices, plus expandability for future requirements such as RFID

Unprecedented management capability

Complimentary management software enables remote management of the entire scanner solution — scanner, scale and all attached peripherals

Sapphire glass

The horizontal scan window’s best-in-class glass is virtually impervious to scratches and wear and tear

Integrated EAS support

Supports the Checkpoint® or Sensormatic® system you have in place today — no need to spend time and money to upgrade

Whisper quiet

Unlike laser scanners, there is no motor noise, so the MP6000 is practically silent, improving the POS environment

Easy to use

Omni-directional scanning plus a 6-sided 720° coverage zone — just swipe and go

Optional customer side scanner

Allow customers to simultaneously scan their own loyalty cards, coupons, impulse buy items and bar codes displayed on their mobile phones — can be added at any time

Easy deployment

Fits into existing checkstands

Three programmable buttons

Brings push button simplicity to a wide variety of POS processes to further improve throughput

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