This is Al, the security guard. Every week, your over 1,000 trucks of goods from various suppliers across the country travel throughout their supply chain. And at one point or another, most of it goes the truck shipments enter through this gate. These trucks carry different types of freight with different requirements such as temperature parameters, multiple on-site drop-off points, or truck detention charges. And Al keeps track of it all… with a clipboard. At least, he tries to.

But sometimes trucks end up at different buildings than they are supposed to or hang around the facility too long and rack up truck detention charges or the cargo goes bad. And there was that one time where an entire truck was lost for over a day. Al does his best, but these oversights can quickly add up to real costs quickly.

With RACO Interactive’s Yard Management System, these costly mistakes can be eliminated.

Here’s how it works: when a truck pulls up, Al creates a barcoded tag for each vehicle. The screen shows him real-time Dock Availability and gives him instruction on exactly where the truck goes. Before it the shipment passes your gate, Al checks the contents you are about to inherit and can record what condition they are in before you receive them, the shipment is received. While the truck is onsite, our Yard Management System will monitor its progress and supply alerts if needed such as:

  • Fuel level alerts
  • Temperature alerts
  • Detention alerts
  • Maintenance alerts
  • Real Time Alerts

When Al performs his seal check, Yard Director Yard Management System will maintain a seal log, verify the seal numbers and assure the integrity of seals throughout the supply chain.

Al’s not left alone at his station with just a clipboard for support. Using a ruggedized tablet computer like a Motorola ET1, he’s in real time communication with his supervisor and Yard Dog, as well as operational management. They can instantaneously share information and know what the priorities are with every vehicle that comes through his gate.

Al’s boss can also keep an eye on perishable items from his desktop. Even if those trucks are on a different site in another part of the country, alerts will notify them of impending temperature checks, seal checks, detention checks, lot checks and more… all on a web-based portal. If cargo has to move or requires immediate attention, Al’s boss will be notified instantly.

RACO Interactive’s Yard Management System meets Homeland Security and USDA Compliance for Truck and Container Seals, as well as Food Safety and Inspection Service Safety and Security Guidelines for the Transportation of Meat, Poultry and Egg products.

Increase Visibility, Minimize detention and demurrage expense, Eliminate lost trailers, and Throwaway yard spreadsheets with RACO Interactive’s Yard Management System.

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