RACO Yard Management Solution, powered by TrackX, is a cloud based asset tracking solutions provider. At the core of our Yard Management Solution is a highly configurable software platform that is complemented by the use of a wide variety of technologies including GPS, RFID, and other AutoID technologies. The software also integrates seamlessly with existing backend systems to provide business intelligence, visibility, utilization and analytics pertaining to all yard activities.

The dashboard is fully interactive and summarizes specific data based on the roles and permissions associated with each user.  This can be customized to allow for certain access to functions and visibility based on the user’s role within the organization.

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You can switch between user roles based on your login credentials to show pertinent information associated with individual users.

The appointment schedule module can be access directly through the dashboard.  Users have the ability to manage arrivals and departures as well as schedule maintenance activities.

The gate processing module shows all carrier arrivals and departures.  You can view all inbound and outbound equipment by type, status, load type and can search for equipment based on the same.

Within the Facility Management module, users have the ability to access a task manager.  This shows a list of pending and completed tasks.  Users have the ability to create new Pull and Spot tasks right from the module.  A spot or pull task can be easily created through this interface.  Users can select from different equipment types or manually enter the equipment ID.

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A powerful shipping and receiving module is also included.  This allows users to manage tasks and requests as well as search by location, status, size and other criteria.

Within the Yard Management Module users can view all equipment and can search by type, status, commodity type or a variety of other factors.  Uers can drill down within each item to see detailed information including detailed carrier, load, types.  You also have access to a full detailed history of the item and its movements along with its maintenance history.

The Yard Management Console is a very powerful visual representation of the yard facility.  The yard location map provides real time visibility to equipment through the yard.  You can locate individual trailers and sort by your load type, carrier, status, or location.  All Shunt units are equipped with GPS and readers for RFID providing neal real time location of inventory in the yard.

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Users can access additional tools through the Administration tab.  This is where a number of settings unique for each client can be customized.  Alerts and notifications can be set up for certain events such as dwell times and idle trailer times.  These alerts can be configured to notify specific users within the organization and can be fully customized to include specific events and out of the ordinary occurances.  This ability to alert users to specific events such as dwell times exceeding 5 days can significantly improve efficiencies and decrease detention times thus improving bottom line costs in the yard.

The yard management solution has numerous benefits for our clients. Including the ability to obtain real-time, accurate trailer visibility, reduce yard check time and labor, optimize dock doors and cross-dock activity, reduce detention charges, bottlenecks at the gate and prioritize yard tasks and movements.  Our solution also provides visibility across multiple yards, across all departments to optimize workflow through the organization.

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