The quality, durability and reliability of Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers translate into significant financial advantages. In situations that would damage conventional computers, rugged Toughbook computers keep performing. As a result, users eliminate costly repairs or replacements, and avoid wasting time to recover lost work. The bottom-line results are compelling: lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and greater return on investment (ROI) over the computer’s useful life.

Information: it’s at the heart of every decision.  Access to that information anytime, anywhere, in any condition keeps your mobile workforce productive. This is why Panasonic created  Toughbook computers and Toughbook tablets, rugged & reliable products that are purpose-built for a mobile workforce doing extraordinary jobs every day.

“You’ve got to have something that’s durable. It’s got to be able to get kicked around. It’s got to be able to get wet. It’s got to be able to withstand a lot of heat. You need to have something you can rely on and you’re not going to be worrying about it dying on you out in the field.” – John Kuchinik, Hobart service technician

Each Toughbook computer is built in Panasonic’s own factories with Panasonic parts. Panasonic designs these products to be rugged from the inside out, thin and lightweight with long battery life, physical and BIOS-based security measures, outstanding heat management, and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, dust, dirt, spills, and rain.  Panasonic understands that being connected is critical to your success. That’s why Panasonic has been developing wireless technology for over 30 years.

“We’re able to receive a call whether we’re out in the middle of a field or inside the unit itself because of the connectivity that we’ve got.” – Jason Black, engineer/operator, Houston Fire Department

To qualify as fully rugged, Panasonic’s devices are put through the paces, undergoing a series of military standard 810g tests to ensure they can withstand the stressors and harsh environmental conditions faced by end users. Installation of memory, drives, accessories, disk imaging and more takes place at Panasonic’s national configuration center.

“We wanted to have a timely delivery to our customer and we wanted to make sure we delivered exactly what they wanted and that it was perfect quality.” – Rick Levinson, Panasonic’s national configuration center

From initial consultation with Panasonic engineers to firsthand observations in the field, our team is committed to your success with Toughbook & Toughpad technology.

“Using the Toughpads has been wonderful. They have been such an upgrade from where we were with our old technology. The biggest difference has been the reliability of it. Anything we do with those, they work.” – Paul M. Brentar, Sargeant, Charlotte P.D.

Panasonic sets the standard with an industry-leading three year warranty and lifetime technical support.

For users being asked to do more with less, Toughbook computers and Toughbook tablets deliver outstanding results: a more productive workforce, reduced IT support requirements, and a much greater overall return on investment.

“We found that the investment we made into the Panasonic Toughbook pays for itself. We’ve had these machines for 10 years and they work just as well today as they did the day we bought them.” – Reginald Freeman,Chief, Hartford Fire Department

Since 1996, Toughbook computers revolutionized rugged computing. From humble beginnings to a global leader in mobile technology, Panasonic has lead the way in developing suprerior rugged mobile solutions.

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