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(Steve) “Government funding has really stayed static and hasn’t grown. So we’ve been forced to create opportunities of cost savings. So we’ve kept our eye on other ways of saving costs while still providing a quality program. That’s the basis for us going to RACO and trying to set up this integrated system that allows basically paperless documentation of meal delivery, meal requests and tracking our production and inventory levels.”

Wesley Community Services provide thousands of home-delivered meals, as well as specialty transportation to hundreds of seniors in more than a dozen counties in Ohio & Kentucky. And they use the RACO Interactive Home Meal Delivery Solution to help them deliver all that food.

Whether they come from someone else or inside Wesley’s own kitchen, meals are scanned to place them into inventory. If the meals don’t have barcodes, the system creates one for them. Meals are validated and then either pre-staged for the drivers to be delivered right away or moved into cold storage for a future date.

The drivers pick up their Honeywell Dolphin 6000 Scanphone which already has their routes downloaded as well as what meals they are delivering and to where. With a quick scan, they check out their items, deliver them to the client, capture an electronic signature for proof of delivery, and take their order for future deliveries.

(Michael) “The clients choose their meals so we have to have a system that we can take their selections in the field, come back, collect the data, so we can give people what they want when they want it. We can’t function without the delivery system.”
With the RACO Interactive Home Meal Delivery Solution in place, Wesley has been able to grow and now provide their amenities to new markets and double their service area without adding any office support personnel.
(Michael) “We can expand our territories and still provide the level of service that we’ve been providing locally for many years.”
(Steve) “I think we’ve come a long way over the last two years. But the same focus for us has been to try and reduce our back office expenses, become more accurate in our work, and still fulfill our mission for providing seniors with meals stay healthy and home for as long as possible.”