With the global market’s increasing reliance on the functionality and capability of smartphones, Unitech is proud to release the PA550, a mobile computer that combines rugged construction and smartphone utility.

Running on Windows Mobile 6.5, the PA550’s ergonomic form factor and durable design make it ideal for a variety of applications. Light and compact, the PA550 can withstand far more than the average smartphone with an IP54 rating and a 4-foot drop threshold.

Boasting a full QWERTY keypad with separate alpha and numeric keys for easy data entry, the PA550 offers multiple data collection options, including a 1D laser barcode scanner and 5-megapixel camera with flash.

Featuring Blanview technology, the PA550’s 2.8-inch color touch screen offers optimal sunlight readability with minimum power consumption to help users go an entire shift without recharging. High-speed 3.5G WAN, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS allow the PA550 to meet the demands of today’s mobile business applications anytime, anywhere.

Test-drive the PA550 by calling your RACO Industries Representative today at (800) 446-1991. It comes with a 6mo / 500K per month data plan.