RACO GPS Cart Tracking uses RFID and GPS technology to identify where your carts are located (even while in-transit) and how long they have been there, allowing you to effortlessly view and manage your cart inventory, improve logistical efficiency, raise delivery accuracy, and ultimately save you money.

Reduce Losses
Ever had product to ship, but no carts to put it on? Solve that problem by making sure you have an accurate cart count at all times.

Control Overhead
Ensure that you will have all the carts you need on-hand to take full advantage of every business opportunity.

Improve Visibility
See all of your carts on a map.  Our web-based platform allows you to see where everything is whether you’re at your desktop or out in the field on your mobile phone.

Improve Delivery Accuracy
Track deliveries in real-time to ensure proper receipt. If your business is rated on accuracy scores, RACO GPS Cart Tracking is a great way to get those numbers up.

Save Time & Money
RACO GPS Cart Tracking will save you money so you can expect ROI in under 12 months.

Don’t play hide and seek with your missing carts, get RACO GPS Cart Tracking today. Call 1-800-446-1991 to learn more or schedule a demo today.