The TK-3488 “ZIG” cordless barcode scanner offers superior performance at an affordable price.

The ZigBee radio can operate up to 328 feet from its USB receiver and scan up to 50,000 barcodes on a single charge.

The scan engine is fast and able to scan many wrinkled, dirty and out of spec barcodes that other scanners simply can’t read. Look how fast the TK-3488 ZIG scanner reads these wrinkled and folded barcodes.

Having this capability allows operators to do their jobs faster making them more productive. In retail, customers will appreciate quicker lines and managers are able to do more with less.

Most business owners understand it’s easier to bring a cordless scanner to a heavy or bulky item rather than lugging the product to the scanner. It’s easier for customers, reduces employee fatigue and can minimize injuries and worker compensation claims.

The TK-3488 ZIG is made of durable ABS plastic which can withstand 5 foot drops to concrete for years of trouble free operations. The kit comes with scanner, battery, USB receiver with cable, charging cable, wrist strap and quick start guide.

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