The TK-3488-2D-V2 is the second generation of 2D TK scanners. It can out-perform, out-scan and out-live many of the best scanners in the industry at fraction of the price. Whether you need an economical replacement of your current 1D scanner or a top performing 2D scanner, it is the perfect choice. The unique light pointers make it quick and easy to pick out individual barcodes especially when reading small 2D bar codes. There is also a green dot acknowledgement light which shines on the barcode after a successful read letting you know you scanned the correct barcode. The green dot acknowledgement light is excellent when in quiet areas where typical barcode beeps are annoying or in noisy environments where the beep cannot be head.

The TK-3488-2D-V2 reads 1D and 2D barcodes on both documents and screens. Barcodes can be read on smartphones, tablets, PCs and kiosks for a wide variety of applications such as mobile coupons, ticketing, web addresses and product information. It also reads damaged and poorly printed documents, making it perfect for retail, entertainment, transportation, healthcare, warehouse and manufacturing. The TK-3488-2D scanner has an omnidirectional barcode scan engine which eliminates the need to align the barcode reader with the barcode, this eliminates the need to rotate the scanner to a particular angle in order to read the barcode. This saves time while reducing wrist fatigue, training and misreads. TK-3488-2D-V2 scanner has a 5 foot drop rating and a five year warranty.