Conduct asset tracking using fewer resources with the aid of RACO Industries RFID-Enabled Asset Tracking.  Unlike barcode labels, RFID tags do not have to be directly in the line of sight of scanners to be detected. RFID readers send out radio waves detected by the antenna within the tags can be read in a multiplexed fashion.  Just one scan confirms whether or not all the assets that are supposed to be in that room actually are.

Here’s how RACO Industries RFID-Enabled Asset Tracking works:
The green indicator means that the asset was expected to be in this location and its tag was read successfully. Blue means the tag was read, but the asset was not expected to be in this location. Orange means that the tag is readable, but does not correlate to an entry in the system. No color block, or white, means that the asset was expected to be in this location, but its tag has not been read – ideally, the user would tap “read more” as he walks about the room to try and get these to turn green.

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One scan gives you all the answers.

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