Tired of losing track of your rental items?  If you are a rental company that rents out anything from party furniture & tents to construction equipment, you should watch this video.

Throw out your spiral notebook, ditch your whiteboards, and leave your Excel sheets in the past.  Turn to Rental Management from RACO GPS Solutions and keep track of your construction equipment & vehicles on an up-to-date platform.

Pinpoint your lifts, tents, equipment, vehicles, and other assets to a specific location on a digital map displayed on your PC, tablet, or mobile device.  Once the rental items are dropped off, the driver uses an RFID reader to scan a tag embedded on the item. This captures a time-coded, geo-synched signal that tells you exactly when and where that rental item was dropped off.  You can even enter detailed information like customer name, item type, item content, and even where on the property the item was dropped off.

Rental management means you can increase revenue by billing customers more timely and accurately.  Reduce cost by not losing your equipment and vehicles.

“Last Known Address” is no longer an acceptable status update for your assets, your drivers or your customers.

RACO GPS Rental Management uses RFID and GPS technology to identify where your items are located and how long they have been there, allowing you to effortlessly view and manage your inventory, improve logistical efficiency, raise delivery accuracy, and ultimately save you money.

Video: See RACO GPS Asset Tracking in action!


RACO offers implementation support, so you’ll always have the help that you need.

Ensure that you will have all the equipment & vehicles you need on-hand to take full advantage of every business opportunity.

Eliminate human error and raise the accuracy of your equipment & vehicles, giving your rental company better ratings and heightened customer satisfaction.

Use either with your own inventory system or our in-house Location-Based Inventory Tracking platform — developed specifically for large-scale inventory and asset tracking.

RACO GPS Rental Management will save you so much money that you can expect ROI in under 12 months.


Don’t play hide and seek with your missing construction equipment and vehicles. Schedule a FREE demo today!


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