Mobile workers enjoy the convenience of small, powerful mobile computers. But their tiny footprint can make working on them over the course of long shifts problematic. The Redfly mobile companion synchs with your mobile device in seconds and gives you a more productive interface that makes it easier to see and faster to type.

The RedFly is not a computer. It’s a terminal that instantly transforms your Blackberry or Windows Mobile smart phone into a laptop without any of the hassle or maintenance of a full-fledged computer or tablet PC. The companion makes it easy to write lengthy e-mails, access spreadsheets and word processing, use the Internet, and any number of mobile applications that would normally be a hassle on your phone. Instead of simply “stretching” the data from your phone to the screen, the REDFLY changes the resolution of the phone’s on-screen data, allowing you to see the contents of your smart phone more cleanly and clearly than ever before.

The Celio REDFLY mobile companion contains no operating system, CPU, or storage of its own, so there’s no vital information left on the device if it is left behind. It is also much cheaper to replace than a laptop of tablet.

It’s a durable product that will make working with your mobile devices better than ever.

For more information about the Redfly mobile companion, how to incorporate them into your application… contact a RACO product specialist at 1-800-446-1991.