The RACO Interactive Pick & Payment Management Solution is an ideal software application for produce growers to manage and account for their harvest. Designed specifically for produce growers picking and time recording processes, the solution is a simple and cost-effective means to ensure your harvest yield is accurately determined.

Here’s how it can work for you: the manager is equipped with a mobile device, like the Honeywell Dolphin 6000 Scanphone, that they would use to scan a picker’s waterproof badge when they brought their haul in. The manager would verify the type of product brought in, enter the weight, and print out a receipt containing Pickers ID, Time & Date, & Weight Picked for the worker. The data is synched with the company’s server at the end of the day and can be reviewed before posting to payroll software.

With RACO Interactive’s Pick & Payment Management Solution, you’ll be able to:
Track the picking process
Identify Workers & Time
Improve Produce Traceability
Reduce paperwork
Cost-effective implementation
Easy to use with limited training

The solution can also be configured for your unique needs and customized to provide additional customer service offerings.

Know exactly how long your workers were on the job, when they were there, and how much they produced with the RACO Interactive Pick & Payment Management Solution.