This is it. This is the package that you lost that made you lose your customer’s trust. And their business.

Your customer relied on you to get this crucial asset to where it was supposed to go. Instead, it got… lost.

You had no clue where it went. And your customer had no clue why you didn’t have a better way of making sure you knew where their package was every step of the way.

You can have that level of transparency with RACO Interactive’s Package Delivery Solution, a totally customizable system that tracks the movement of your packages from the pickup request to its final delivery in a simple and reliable way.

Ideal for small and medium sized transportation and delivery organizations, Package Delivery provides accountability for all packages throughout the package’s entire journey and will integrate flawlessly into your, express package delivery, specialty delivery and transportation processes.

The system is really simple: A driver scans a barcoded label with a mobile computing device (Intermec CN 50) and then validates it with their ID. The information is then wirelessly transmitted to the host computer. Location and recipient information is then determined prior to the delivery process. Proof of delivery information, including GPS coordinates, time/ date stamp and the recipient’s signature, is collected to complete the transaction loop and verify the sender’s intended party. The customer can even follow the progress of their package on a web-based portal. The solution can also be configured for your unique needs or even tailored to provide additional customer service offerings.

The RACO Interactive Package Delivery is the right solution for your business because:
– It offers complete visibility of the receipt/ delivery process
– Minimizes paperwork
– Scales and expands to meet your growing business needs
– Does not require extensive training and is user friendly
– And can be implemented in a quick and cost-effective manner.

If you had RACO Interactive Package Delivery Solution, this wouldn’t have been the package that made you lose your customer’s trust. Because you wouldn’t have lost it… or their business.

If your company is delivering or transporting any type of packages or products, visit or call 1 800 446 1991 and ask for a demonstration of how RACO Interactive will deliver the results you need.