Heather is proud to be a part of this new startup. But she has a big responsibility. She’s the one who’s going to create the credentials for the new company. But she’s never done anything like this before. It’s kind of a big deal and she’s in over her head.

That’s when Heather found RACO Card Solutions…

You see, RACO Card Solutions can create the perfect credentials for any application, whether it’s healthcare, education, financial, security, retail, you name it! And Heather has lots of options to choose from: single or dual-sided cards, full color or monochrome. She can even upgrade to mag stripes or durable, ruggedized cards.
Should her application require smart cards or custom laminates for high security use, RACO Card Solutions has many options to solve her company’s ID problems.

From printers and software to training, configuration and integration, the knowledgeable staff from RACO understood Heather’s unique needs and created a specialized, future-proof solution suited for her business’s long term objectives, maximizing productivity and profitability in one single shot.

RACO introduced Heather to the best card printing products and solutions on the market because they partner with industry-leading card printer manufacturers, including Entrust Datacard, H-I-D-Fargo, Zebra and many more, providing a top quality selection and best of all, the lowest possible prices.

And even though Heather’s card problem was solved, the RACO Card Solutions experience went beyond her expectations with their renowned customer service and technical expertise. RACO is also a manufacturer’s warranty repair center, so she can count on depot repairs and local on-site maintenance through the lifespan of her card solution. And if her printer will be out of action for a while, RACO Card Solutions can set her up with a loaner printer.

What else could Heather ask for? The start-up is taking off, the credentials are working like a dream, and she’s equipped to make more credentials as the company grows. Whenever she needs supplies or support, she can call the crew at RACO Card Solutions. And when it comes time to create a new credential, she will only need to push a button and… voila!

To see what RACO Card Solutions can do for your business, call 1-866-940-7226.