Reduce total cost of ownership of your mobile computers with the Psion Omnii XT10, an industry leader with 20 years of modularity expertise, and the power and toughness to back it up.

Designed specifically for the ultra-tough demands of the supply chain & logistics applications, the Omni is tough, intelligent and easy-to-use.

In-field upgradeability means that the device can protect your investment and allow you to reconfigure and repurpose the device as needs change. With dozens of options and expansion modules, Omnii XT10 supports over ten thousand final configurations.

The Omnii XT10 is durably built. It’s IP65 Certificated, has a High Impact Display, withstands temperatures from -4 to +122°F, and can handle multiple six and a half foot drops.

Omnii delivers unrivalled adaptability, extreme durability, and delivers real-time information in the field where your workers need it most.

For more information about the Psion OMNII XT10, how to incorporate them into your application and to have them sent to you pre-configured… contact a RACO product specialist.