Don’t know where to begin when it comes to getting a print & apply label applicator?  This video is for you.  We talked to Bob White, who is National Sales Manager of WS Automation (one of our partners who installs these type of applications), about the types of things you need to be thinking about when making a big investment like this.  Here’s just some of what he thinks you should look out for.

Learn the basics about Tamp-Blow Label Printer Applicators.

Do you have consistent containers? Do you need a next label out? What’s the speed you’re going to be feeding past? Is it a relatively clean environment?  Is it an environment that requires it to be positioned or placed in a spot offline? Most of our applications go inline.  Most warehouse applications are more than ideal for the printer applicator.  What type of temperature range will the machine be exposed to?  Is it a conditioned area or will it be an unconditioned area?

What type of data will you be printing?  Will you require a 200 dpi printer or 300 dpi?  Will you require a graphic to be printed on the label?  Keep in mind, we are currently only offering one color capability.  That one color can be any one that a thermal transfer ribbon is available.  What is your conveyor height and speed?  These answers can be determined by an on-site survey that is performed when a company decides to go forward with a print and apply system.  A survey is where an applicator professional comes in takes measurements, line speed, and makes sure that the application fits exactly what it is we have proposed and provides all data required for our engineering & manufacturing groups to produce exactly the type of machine that will do the job our customer intends for us to do.

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We have tremendous amount of experience with printer applicator work.  We’re familiar with many, many applications with thousands of installations throughout the country.  We can certainly serve a customer’s needs as far as print and apply requirements.

If you have more questions of print and apply printer applicators, call a product expert at 1-800-446-1991.