If somebody manufactures a product and ships it in a box then they can use the Primara 750 Print and Apply Label Applicator.  Most retailers today require some form of barcoded identification on the outside of their containers and pallets.  We have applicators that handle both carton applications or pallet identification.  Pallet identification is done quite a bit in cross-docking wherein you take a pallet into a distribution center.  Instead of checking it into the distribution center, the pallet is scanned at the point of offload, take it down to another bay, and immediately load it onto another truck headed to a different destination.

Your P&A Engineering/Automation Single Source

The Primara 750 Print and Apply Label Applicator is next label out.  Data is fed into the printer from any external source such as an enterprise system or a slave laptop which is then printed on to a label.  The label is then dispensed on to a pad (in this case, a tamp pad).  The tamp pad then extends out and makes contact with the container it is being applied to and then makes itself ready for the next label.  It can print as many labels in cue as you need it to print.

We also offer a loose loop system that you can do batch printing typically for higher speed applications.  It’s truly a workhorse in the industry as far as carton applicators are concerned.

Learn the basics about Tamp-Blow Label Printer Applicators.

If you’d like an on-site survey to see how Print & Apply can work in your operation, the charge will be waived with a purchase of a label printer applicator.  Call a product expert at 1-800-446-1991 or message us for a one-on-one consultation.