The Waffletechnology KIC Team Kiosk Cleaning Kit is designed to clean all the various pieces of the standard POS kiosk. The card reader cleaning card is designed to clean the magstripe reader. The Waffletechnology has compressible areas that allow the card to flex up against the magnetic head and give the reader a more complete cleaning.

The two-part dual screen wipe system will allow toy to gently wipe off the dirt on the screen and the perimeter of the touchscreen or monitor. This process consists of a wet wipe with a proprietary solution & a dry cloth to wipe off residual liquid without streaking.

The keyboard can be cleaned with the swab’s compact head that can reach down between the keys. There’s also snap swabs with alcohol-Filled Reservoir Handle. Just snap the stick in half to activate the cleaning solution inside the swab. This swab can also be used to clean the printhead of the receipt printer. Prolong the life of your point of sale system with the Kiosk Cleaning kit.

For more information about the KIC Team Kiosk Cleaning Kit or other equipment maintenance tips, contact a RACO product specialist at 1-800-446-1991.