Make your workforce more mobile and responsive with Motorola’s ET1 Enterprise Tablet.

Durable, Secure, & Flexible: The Android Gingerbread-powered ET1 is designed for retail, hospitality, manufacturing, and healthcare applications where its sleek and sturdy form factor shines.

The multi-user login feature allows the ET1 to be shared among many associates and personalized to suit their roles and responsibilities without compromising security.

The ET1 has industrial-strength accessories such as an integrated optional barcode scanner, hot-swappable battery packs, and secure multi-slot recharging stations. There is even an optional hand strap for more secure, full-shift handling and magnetic stripe reader for line-busting.

The ET1 is built to last and will meet your company’s enterprise needs.

For more information or to incorporate the Motorola ET1 into your application, visit… or call 1-800-446-1991.

And you can use RhoElements to develop, build, and deploy HTML5, web-based custom applications that will allow you the versatility to work across several Motorola mobile computers that are running Android, Microsoft Windows or Windows CE.