Thanks to RedBeam and Motorola Solutions, tracking is easier and more efficient than ever before. Track computers, equipment, furniture, vehicles and other valuable assets with speed, simplicity and accuracy.

A tested, proven solution, RedBeam Asset tracking software integrates best asset tracking practices into one powerful system. By coupling it with the sleek design, mobility and durability of the Motorola ET1 Enterprise, you can streamline your fixed asset tracking process by up to 70%.

Easily add your asset data to the ET1 Enterprise Tablet. Use the mobile scanner to take inventory wherever it is located. The intuitive, mobile-optimized screens allow you to update records easily by capturing key information on each asset, including barcode ID, location, department, maintenance, purchasing, warranty, lease, depreciation, IT information and more. If an asset is new, has moved or is missing, the system will alert you and prevent you from having to revisit it again.

RedBeam software also offers the ability to add up to 50 user-identified fields to your asset records, making this solution customizable for your organization.

With each record, you have the ability to add a detailed record of maintenance performed and attach important documents like user manuals and warranty information.
RedBeam Asset Tracking software also enables you to track and monitor purchase history and calculate depreciation values and allows you to report unfound assets.

Whether your organization has 500 or 5,000 assets, our RedBeam – Motorola ET1 Enterprise Tablet solution can help! Call 1-800-446-1991 to learn more!