Trying to prevent hunger in the elderly is a daunting task. And one that’s made even harder while being held back by outdated processes and weighed down by piles of paperwork as Wesley Community Services in Cincinnati, Ohio was facing.

“Wesley Community Services was established in 1992 to provide Meals On Wheels to Cincinnati seniors. We’ve grown dramatically over the past 20 years. Now we provide Meals On Wheels, specialized transportation and home care and personalized care services to about 2500 seniors annually.”

On a daily basis, Wesley’s drivers go into hundreds of homes delivering hot meals and other essential necessities. But they weren’t just bringing hot food, the drivers were bringing stacks of paper forms to be filled out and filed.

“We have a ton of paperwork that has to be collected and analyzed and fed into our data management system. So we felt that there must be a better way of doing this.”

When their search began, there was no solution on the market that met their needs. With Wesley’s input, RACO teamed with Accessible Solutions to create a complete Home Meal Delivery solution to meet Wesley’s needs.

“With funding not increasing dramatically forcing us to do more with less, we didn’t want to cut on the quality of the food so the place that we could cut was on our back office activities. So every time we can find efficiencies, that’s what we try to institute. And this will provide the most degree of efficiency and cost-savings so that we can still put our money where we want it which is in the food and the meals that the clients benefit from.”

The old paper and pencil process was phased out and replaced with RACO’s Home Meal Delivery solution, which keeps track of dozens of meal options, drivers, routes, customers, captured signatures and even integrates with Accessible Solutions’ Servtracker software database.

RACO armed Wesley’s mobile workers with Motorola’s MC65 Rugged Mobile Computer which captures customer signatures and scan barcodes to confirm order accuracy.

At the end of the day, the device synchs up Wesley’s network and allows them to instantly access the data to determine what future meals have to be prepared and when.

“RACO didn’t just turn over the product. They’ve been extraordinary in helping us solve the problems as we go along.”

“Yeah, I’d say I wish we did it earlier. I wish we had done it earlier.”