Read all the instructions in the Epson C831 user guide before loading continuous paper using the push tractor.

Do not touch the paper sensor on the left sprocket unit.

1. Turn off the printer.

2. Facing the back of the printer, release the right sprocket unit by pulling the sprocket lock lever up.

3. Slide the right sprocket to match the width of your paper, but do not lock it.
The left sprocket unit is fixed in place and cannot be adjusted.

4. Slide the center paper support halfway between the two sprockets.

5. Open the sprocket covers of both sprockets.

6. Fit the first two holes of the paper over the sprocket pins on both sides. Slide the right sprocket unit slightly to the right so that the paper is not slack.
Make sure the first sheet of your continuous paper has a clean, straight edge so that it can feed smoothly into the printer.

7. Close the sprocket covers.

8. Slide the right sprocket unit to remove any slack in the paper and lock it in place.

9. Turn on the printer.

10. Press the Load/Eject button to feed the paper to the top-of-form position. When the printer receives data, it begins printing.

11. After you finish printing, follow the steps in the next section to tear off your printed document. If the first printed line on your page appears too high or low, you can change its position using the Micro Adjust function.

  • After you finish printing, tear off your printed document, and then turn off the printer. If you turn the printer off and on without tearing off the printed document, the top-of-form position setting may become misadjusted.
  • If the trailing edge of the paper is past the paper sensor after the printed document is torn off, the paper will be fed forward without being printed.
  • Do not pull the loaded paper out of the tractor unit. Doing so may cause paper jams or printer malfunctions. Also, the top-of-form position setting may become misadjusted.
  • The last page of continuous paper that is printed may have low print quality.
  • If the first line on your page appears too high or low, you can change its position using the Micro
  • Adjust function. For more information, see “Adjusting the top-of-form position” on page 25.
  • Make sure that the right and left edges of continuous paper are straight and not slack when you load the paper.
  • Do not pull the paper while printing. Doing so may adversely affect the print quality.

Never open the top cover or ink cartridge cover while printing.

For more information on Epson printers, call 1-800-446-1991.