The supply chain gets more competitive all the time and demands on your business keep increasing. Ensuring your workers can achieve maximum productivity is more important than ever. You’re pressured to achieve 5% improvements in operational productivity year after year. Do your mobile workers have everything they need to get more done? Ivanti Avalanche is a proven solution from a trusted partner that generates results for some of the largest, most demanding supply chain enterprises in the world.

Manage Mobility Across Your Enterprise

Avalanche is rooted in managing the mobile computers that drive the supply chain. As those devices have evolved Avalanche has continued to keep pace. So, whether you’ve got legacy Windows CE devices deployed in your warehouse, or are looking to extend mobility to the showroom floor with today’s latest Android and iOS devices, Avalanche can manage them all.

Go Live When It’s Convenient for Your Business

For some businesses, it’s easiest to schedule device updates to take place during off-hours. For others, it’s easier to push updates as each device checks in. With Avalanche, you have the flexibility to make updates happen when it’s best for your business

Manage Segmented Workgroups Easily

Need to update the Picking application your warehouse workers use? Select the necessary workers and deliver the updates they require to be more productive.

Prepare for Business Growth

Whether you’re planning to open a new distribution center or targeting a new, high-growth market, Avalanche scales as your business grows. Ivanti is recognized by analysts and customers alike for managing mobility deployments of 100,000 mobile devices and more.

Tap Flexible Options to Update Device Operating Systems

Ensure performance and security patches by pushing OS updates for legacy Windows and select Android mobile computers. Choose to update all devices at once, or on a schedule, without interrupting worker activity.

Deploy Apps Faster

Need to update those applications running in the field? Automate the build process so you can make changes and deploy in minutes.

Protect Corporate and Customer Data

App-wrapping helps you protect the applications and information workers must access. Wrapping is easy with our menu-based parameters. You can even update security settings for deployed applications without having to re-deploy the app.

Unify Your Mobility Toolset

There’s no easier way to manage your deployment of Ivanti mobile productivity apps such as Terminal Emulation, Velocity, and Speakeasy voice-enablement. Ivanti solutions are designed together—eliminating incompatibility risks from your deployment strategy.

Gain Great Insights with Powerful Reporting

Dashboards deliver the at-a-glance information you need to ensure your systems are running at their best. Add our Xtraction connector and receive the reporting information you need from Avalanche as well as additional data sources

For more information about Ivanti (formerly wavelink), call 1-800-446-1991.