To create free QR codes, go to RACO and click on… at the bottom of the page. Under the 2D barcode symbologies section, click on “QR” Code.” In the first text field, type the message you wish to convey in your QR code. You can also tweak properties such as QR Code Version, QR Code Error Correction Level, QR Code Encoding, Module Size, Quiet Zone Width, and Top & Bottom Margin. The last option is to choose an image format: bmp, gif, jpeg, or png.

Click the “generate barcode” to make the barcode that you can save as a file, or press “print barcode” to send your new QR code to a printer.

For more information about the Barcode Generator, or to sign up for the RACO Barcode API’s free 30 day trial, contact a RACO product specialist.