Do you think you might need 2D in the future but aren’t ready to make the investment? Whether you need this capability now or later, Honeywell has options with the Voyager 1450g and 1452g upgradeable area-imaging scanners.

Built on the platform of Honeywell’s world-renowned Voyager series of handheld scanners, the Voyager 1450g and 1452g deliver true presentation scanning, which allows you to present barcodes at any angle and still ensure superior reading capabilities. Plus, users have the ability to affordably upgrade the devices to enable PDF and 2D bar code scanning. This can be done either at the time of purchase, or as data capture needs evolve. This feature allows enterprises to embrace area-imaging at their own pace, and in the most cost-effective manner.

Along with these upgrades, Voyager 1450g and 1452g are versatile and can scan barcodes on paper and mobile devices for a variety purposes such as scanning tickets, payments, and mobile coupons, something linear imager-based products cannot do.

They are general purpose scanners that can be deployed in a variety of environments and applications including retail, point of sale, hospitality, warehousing, and light industrial.

What if you are in an environment where mobile data capture is needed? Honeywell’s Voyager 1452g wireless scanner is the superior choice. It is built with the same features as the 1450g, but includes wireless capability. It has a wireless range of up to 33 feet from the base. This enables maximum operator freedom while eliminating the hassle and trip-hazard of a tethered cable.

For added convenience, an included paging system helps locate misplaced scanners with visual and auditory signals. Its field-replaceable lithium ion battery provides 14 hours or more of use for increased uptime and productivity.

The 1452g comes as a kit with the wireless scanner, and charge and communication base. And here’s another great choice: be sure to add comprehensive service at the time of purchase to ensure coverage of 5 years on the Voyager device.

So, if you are looking for high performing scanners with versatility and adaptability to their needs over time, Honeywell’s Voyager 1450g and 1452g are the perfect fit!