Today’s field operations, distribution centers, and industrial facilities are becoming more dependent on mobile solutions to boost productivity, decrease errors, improve service, and differentiate performance levels.  But mobile solutions will only add value to your business if you choose the right technology.  Faced with slimmer budgets, organizations may be tempted to deploy consumer-grade devices because of their traditionally lower initial acquisition cost.  And while it may seem like an ordinary smartphone or tablet might be a cost-effective way to introduce mobility, in reality, a consumer grade smartphone can actually cost you 51% more than a purpose-built device.

In one-year alone, consumer-grade devices are about four times to fail in industrial or field applications.  Even when augmented with accessories like protective cases, consumer devices struggle to survive drops, function unreliably in wet or dirty conditions, and cannot withstand excessive vibration, shock, or extreme temperatures.  Due to these limitations, 23% of consumer-grade devices will fail in industrial or field environments.  And each percentage point increase in device failure translates into more than a 5% increase in your total cost of ownership.  And a higher TCO results in a lower overall ROI.

Beyond higher failure rates, consumer devices struggle to satisfy other common enterprise requirements.  In most cases, a multi-piece approach (for example, a smartphone with a barcode scanner add-on or battery sled) will actually cost you as much or more than a purpose-built device with integrated capabilities. Sharing consumer devices in multi-shift environments can be challenging because power management options do not support continuous use throughout a shift, let alone across multiple shifts.  Consumer devices also have security, privacy, and compliance limitations which increase risks for your company.

Lifecycles of consumer devices are short with a lack of product roadmap visibility or predictability resulting in a complex and mixed environment of devices.  Zebra’s mobile computing devices, on the other hand, are purpose-built for demanding environments and business critical operations.  Zebra’s entire portfolio is built from the ground up for enterprise use with data capture capabilities, security features, support plans, and device life-cycle management services.  But beyond being durable and reliable in industrial environments and out in the field, the newest Zebra mobile devices feature intuitive interfaces and advanced operating systems your workers will love.  Plus numerous form factors to match with end user needs and roles.

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