“I thought I had a better operation than I did.”

Wesley Community Services provide home-delivered meals and specialty transportation to seniors in more than a dozen counties in Ohio & Kentucky. They have over 50 drivers on their payroll and two dozen transport vehicles including wheelchair-capable vans & freezer vans that hold around a thousand meals.

“Once the vehicles leave here, we really had no idea where they are going, the routes they were running. After a trip was over, we had no idea where they were at. We as a company realized that we needed to be able to track this. With the higher fuel price, cost of maintenance, we needed to explore options. The GPS tracking devices in the vehicles seemed to me to be the best option for us.”

RACO Interactive’s GPS Fleet Tracking Solution allowed Wesley real-time tracking of all their vehicles and records all of their driver history that can outputted into a variety of detailed reports. Instantaneous alerts would also immediately notify the company if a driver was speeding, going where they weren’t supposed to, or not going anywhere at all.

“When we went into it, I knew that we would find some of that. I had no idea we would find what we found.”

Speeding through school zones, hours of idling, and unsanctioned visits to the wrong part of town were discovered through RACO Interactive’s GPS Fleet Tracking Solution.

“For the first time, the dispatcher could look on his map, on his monitor, see where the vehicles were at, how they were performing. It’s helped him be able to get the big picture and be able to meet the clients’ needs better.”

With this new information in hand, Wesley has curbed the bad habits of their drivers and now can take their service to the next level.

“We’re doing less trips with more people.”

Would Wesley ever consider giving up RACO Interactive’s GPS Fleet Tracking Solution?

“No. No. It’s here to stay. I can’t imagine going back to operating our system on a day to day basis without fleet tracking. In this day of high fuel prices, maintenance costs, we need to be efficient as we can. And the savings more than pays for itself.”

Check out the follow-up video to see how Wesley took this solution to the next level