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Now all of our complete business solutions like Package Delivery, Home Meal Delivery, Yard Director, Protective Services, and more can be upgraded to include GPS Tracking.

For example, let’s take a look at how GPS Tracking can improve our Route Accounting Solution. Your worker drives around town, dropping off your inventory at stores, and receives electronic confirmation that they’re making their deliveries through GPS coordinates, time/date stamp and the recipient’s signature.

But with RACO Interactive’s GPS Tracking added, you can also know what the driver is doing between the deliveries. The same mobile computer they’re using to scan barcodes and record electronic signatures, like the Intermec CN51, will also allow you to keep tabs on their workday.

You can set up geofences that alert you to when they are entering or leaving a certain area of town. You can also create virtual landmarks that will let you know when they are getting near a drop-off point so you can alert the receiving party. You can also learn if they are going to locations you don’t want them to.

Other alerts can notify you of speeding, rough driving, excessive idling, and more.

By adding the GPS Tracking feature to our complete Route Accounting solution, the same smartphone or mobile computer they’re using to do their job will assure you that your inventory is being delivered to the right place at the right time, and also make sure your people are not at the wrong place on your time.

And it’s not just for direct store deliveries…
the GPS Tracking feature will work for salespeople, repair workers, landscapers, exterminators, delivery drivers, cable installers, HVAC workers, field service personnel, and more.