With Godex EZ1100 desktop barcode printer, you get more reliability for less money.

The EZ1100’s critical printhead assembly is all metal. This model uses more metal in its design compared to other printers that tend to use more plastic. The integrated print engine also contributes to the EZ1100’s reliability.

The EZ1100’s 300 meter ribbon enables the printer to run for extended periods without having to stop and reload a fresh ribbon, about 4 times as long as other brands. From a cost per print basis, the Godex 300 meter ribbon is one half the cost of the shorter, more expensive big brand ribbon.

A simple front control panel has the label feed button and printer ready, printer status LED indicators. On the back side of the EZ1100 we can see its three standard interface connections; USB, Parallel, and Serial. The printer shown here also has the optional internal Ethernet port and the optional internal 802.11 wireless connection. Other options include a reliable, rotary cutter or simple and inexpensive label dispenser.

The Godex EZ1100 is the most popular Godex desktop barcode printer with over 500,000 thousand printers manufactured.