The RACO Barcode GHS Compliance Labeling solution combines label design and Epson printing technology with intuitive software into a single regulatory solution
that helps your organization keep within the bounds of GHS compliance standards or the “Globally Harmonized System” of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals. This is a world regulation mandate put in place for the classification and communication of chemical hazards.  The goal is to improve the health and safety of workers by reducing injuries, enhancing worker comprehension of chemical hazards, and saving overall costs through productivity improvements.

All manufacturers, suppliers, and users of chemicals are required to abide by this mandate in their labeling processes, which can be a problem for organizations who may not understand exactly what is needed to stay safely within compliance guidelines.

Easy and Reliable GHS Compliance Labeling

The solution allows its users to easily design labels and barcodes within the bounds of compliance guidelines, approve designs with electronic signature capture, and create custom document and log reports, ensuring that all security and traceability requirements are safely met. The solution can even allow you to manage many printers in multiple locations from a single server, conveniently expanding compliance to every part of your business.

Renowned Support for the Life of Your Solution

From the planning stages all the way through integration into your workflow, our team of certified experts are here to guide you through every step toward attaining the ideal GHS Compliance Labeling solution for your specific needs. We also offer Epson printer maintenance and repair services over the entire life cycle of your labeling solution.

Color label printing can enhance your GHS compliance solution!

GHS Compliance Labeling Solution Perfect For:

  • Chemical Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Cosmetic Manufacturers
  • Food Flavoring Manufacturers
  • All Product Manufacturers Using Hazard Warnings

GHS Compliance Labeling Solution Features:

  • Eliminate Pre-Printing
  • Reduce Errors & Non-Compliance
  • Project Premium Images & Quality
  • Improve Label Durability
  • Save Money & Time with Lower Image Cost and Lower Total Cost
  • BS5609 Approved
  • Epson Printer Technology

GHS Compliance Labeling Solution Benefits:

  • RACO Barcode provides a complete solution allowing you to print on-demand high quality chemical labels in full color including GHS pictograms in red & black, barcodes, text, serialization along with your logo.
  • Full in-house printing allows you freedom to craft custom messages and be in compliance.
  • Print whole label at once using blank media.
  • GHS hazard labels must be durable and resist chemicals and abrasions. BS5609 is the most common benchmark.
  • Eliminates need to store & maintain pre-printed label stock across locations.
  • Hazard communications can vary by label.
  • Cost-effective implementation.
  • Easy to use with limited training.

RACO is here to provide the equipment, software, and expertise needed to craft a GHS Compliance Labeling solution tailored to suit the workflow of your business.  Call one of our label experts today at 1-800-446-1991 to get your chemical labeling up to code.

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