This product is no longer available from RACO Industries and we do not carry a suitable replacement.

Personalized ribbons make gifts more unique and occasions more meaningful. It’s a perfect way to attract new customers and build brand loyalty.

Older systems relied on using PCs which were slow, expensive and complicated. The EZ-3844 Plus Ribbon Printer is a stand-alone system making on-demand ribbon printing quick and easy. The time from power on to printed ribbon can be performed in less than a minute. Simply plug the printer in, wait for the green light on the printer, select how many feet of ribbon you want to print, enter your message and select the quantity. The printer will print and cut each ribbon.

Having no PC or complicated software means greater access including customer facing retail applications. Since there is no connection to your network, there are also no security risks.

The double sided satin ribbons are beautiful and soft to the touch. The printed image is durable and will not smear even when wet. There are many colors to choose from to satisfy a wide range of occasions. The cost of the ribbon and ink is fifteen cents per foot.

Giving consumers the ability to add their personal touch in a fun, easy to use way will have them coming back for more.