Epson’s ColorWorks C3500 Label Printer: Fast, Full Color, On-Demand Color Inkjet Label Printer Engineered For Business

Dramatically reduce costs, increase operational efficiencies, and quickly produce labels with the high-quality and vivid color you’d expect from an Epson printer.

On-Demand Color Labels Are The New Standard

Today there is a growing demand for the use of color labels that feature color codes, photos and pictograms to highlight relevant information. This trend sharply drives up the number of label variations and increases label production complexity. Epson’s TM-C3500’s ability to produce full color labels on demand makes it the ideal solution.

Print Quickly & Reliably

Epson’s compact, four-color TM-C3500 inkjet printer features fast printing speeds up to 103mm/second, a banding reduction mode and a nozzle check system that produces a reliable output of high volume labels with excellent image quality. In addition, it offers multiple easy-to-use features such as an autocutter, easy paper loading and an LCD with printer status readouts.

Reduce Costs

With on-demand color printing, rather than maintaining an expensive inventory of pre-printed labels, you can print the labels you need, when you need them.  In addition, the TM-C3500 features individual ink cartridges for a more efficient use of ink and a very low cost of maintenance.

Epson’s desktop color labeling solutions are ideal for use in a wide variety of industries from retail, manufacturing and logistics to healthcare and entertainment. Color labeling can add vibrancy, highlight important information and make labels easier to read, thereby helping to reduce errors, improve safety, increase productivity, make branding more impactful and more.

Dramatically improve shipping accuracy, reduce label costs and increase customer satisfaction with color-coded labels. Orders are loaded and unloaded efficiently and allow distributors to easily “brand” their shipments to end users with color logos and images.

Chemical Manufacturing and Repackaging
Create full-color GHS compliant labels on synthetic materials that are waterproof, smudge-proof and alcohol and chemical resistant.

Significantly reduce the cost of supplies and simplify the labeling process with durable color labels with custom regulatory and recycling icons along with customer logos and marketing messages.

Ideal for a wide range of entertainment applications including wristbands, event tickets, meal tickets and more. Create personalized labels to limit counterfeiting and our pigment inks will withstand exposure to water or sunlight.

Produce vibrant, smudge-proof labels on qualified media for a wide range of applications including pharmaceutical labels, specimen labels, wristbands and more.

Now retailers can improve the impact of their in-store marketing using vibrant color. From shelf tags, signage and promotional banners to price tags and coupons, information is communicated faster and more effectively with color.

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