There’s no room for mistakes in healthcare. Everything should be done to cut back on medical errors. What could you be doing to make your facility safer for your patients? Sometimes the answer is right there in black and white.

Color labels benefit patient safety by highlighting their critical information and reinforcing alerts and warnings that could lead to saving people’s lives. You can lower risks by reducing human error and ensuring that warning labels stand out with the Epson Securcolor printer.

The Epson Securcolor printer improves your process with one-step, on-demand, durable color labels & wristbands. Save a step by being printing one at a time in a strip that can be peeled by hand or with a handheld dispenser. Our synthetic label material is smudge resistant and doesn’t need to be secured or laminated because it resists curling that is common with paper labels. The printer has easy user access with front loading labels and ink cartridge and is easily adjustable to handle 1.2″ to 4.4″ wide media. Other features include a Small footprint, USB or Ethernet interface, Selectable print resolution, and Prints up to 3.7″ per second.