The Date Code Genie is the most user-friendly, automated food prep labeling system in the foodservice industry. It’s fast, accurate, FDA compliant and low cost.

The Date Code Genie is a web-enabled printing system that allows you, the owner or manager, to design and edit food prep labels that determine and manage all of your preps’ shelf lives.

Since all of your data is securely backed up in the cloud, you can access and update all of the Date Code Genie systems in your network remotely, from anywhere in the world.

Today, your employees spend many hours a week painstakingly hand-writing labels that may not even end up being accurate or legible, but with Date Code Genie your employees will spend just minutes, effortlessly printing labels with guaranteed accuracy and crystal clear legibility. The labor savings alone are enough to pay for the Date Code Genie system in a matter of months.

Aside from printing date code labels, the Date Code Genie can print custom labels, logos, nutritional labels, ingredient & allergen info and much more.

The system’s direct thermal printer requires no ink or ribbons. All you need is a roll of labels and you’re ready to go!

Date Code Genie labels are available in a variety of sizes, paper stocks and adhesives to ensure that you get the right label for your operation. Also, the system’s ergonomic design makes loading labels a cinch — just drop the label roll into the printer, and the Date Code Genie automatically adjusts it so that you get perfect prints every time.
And get this: in the time it took you to watch this short video, the Date Code Genie could have printed a day’s worth of your food prep labels.