The new RIDA scanner by Datalogic offers a new ability to now capture medication administration and also barcode reading at bedside patient care.  The new RIDA offers a 2D barcode scanner with the ability to read all pharmaceutical and medical-grade barcodes. It captures with the crosshair aimer and proprietary Green Spot technology from Datalogic. What the Green Spot technology offers is simply confirmation of a good read that says “Yes, I’ve read that code.”  In the case of silent scanning, when you want to turn the beep off and maintain a quiet environment early in the morning, you can still know you’ve read the code because it’s been confirmed as read by the Datalogic scanner.

The new RIDA compact scanner has the ability to easily pair with and charge with the included Bluetooth base. Or simply bypass the included Bluetooth base and pair directly via Bluetooth to a PDA, laptop, or even a tablet.  The scanner can also be worn around the clinician’s neck with the included lanyard.  Simply snap in and you now have hands free reading capability throughout your environment.  When not needed, you can simply click the device back out.  The scanner can be easily placed in your pocket, carried in one hand, or placed back in the Bluetooth charger for charging when not in use.

The RIDA compact scanner offers medical-grade plastics which withstand harsh chemical cleaning.  It also takes it one step further by offering another level of infection control by offering anti-microbial properties.  Datalogic is the only manufacturer to offer a solution like this in a compact form that prevents HHI and reduces the spread of infection.  The RIDA provides a true infection control solution in a small form factor in today’s medical environment.

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