The new PowerScan 9100 series introduces innovative Datalogic technology providing a green laser-like scanning line while delivering the same crisp definition of a laser line with the added benefits of a linear imager.

The result is outstanding 1D decoding capabilities, high performances on damaged or poorly printed bar codes, and reading capabilities on LCD screens or mobile devices.  The 9100 series continues the tradition of rugged and ergonomic PowerScan readers built for durability in tough environments.

The PowerScan 9100 linear imager series consists of a desk model (PD9100), a Bluetooth® wireless technology model (PBT9100) and a wireless version featuring Datalogic’s STAR Cordless System™ radio (PM9100).

Main Features

  • Datalogic Linear imager technology
  • Outstanding reading performances
  • Capability of decoding low contrasting bar codes up to 15% PCS, including damaged or poorly printed bar codes
  • Capability to decode on LCD screens
  • Resolution capability up to 2.5mils
  • IP65 water and particulate sealing rating
  • Drop resistance to 2.0m / 6.6ft

Typical Applications

The PowerScan 9100 series is the perfect match in the most demanding environments, suitable for these applications:

Factory Automation

  • Component Traceability
  • Quality Control
  • Time and cost analysis
  • In-line Inventory and Numeric Control Machines Set-up
  • Material Picking, Shipping/Receiving, Order Processing

Manufacturing Shop Floor

  • Work-in-Progress
  • Component Tracking
  • Quality Control

Warehouse / Logistic Centers

  • Forklift Picking Applications
  • Shipping / Receiving
  • Parcel Preparation
  • Automatic Sorting Back-up

The PowerScan 9100 series is the perfect match in the most demanding environments. For more information on PowerScan imagers, call 1-800-446-1991 to talk to a product specialist.