Datalogic is pleased to announce the first integrated solution to ensure the quality, coherence and readability of bar codes marked with DPM (Direct Part Marking).  Laser marking is well known as the most effective solution to achieve reliable traceability in the supply chain, with high resolution, high contrast, counterfeit-proof high contrast, codes that require no consumables, no mechanical part contact and high throughput.

Additionally, today’s industries require 100% validation of engraved codes to ensure consistency and coherence of data and classification of the code into quality classes.
The MARVIS solution is a complete solution that combines Datalogic’s Laser Marking and AutoID products into a unified software environment with a unique GUI (Graphical User Interface) for setup, runtime and daily operations.

The MARVIS solution is not only a software enhancement but a complete solution that combines AREX, VLASE and UNIQ laser marking products with the MATRIX family of readers, including a full set of mounting accessories and configurations for any kind of marking and validation process.

Unified software for setup and control of Laser Marking and AutoID applications.

  • Supports a full range of MATRIX readers as well as a full range of LASER MARKERS
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Laser and Reader setup and graphics editing
  • Object-oriented property browser both for Laser and Reader parameters
  • Innovative Code Quality Training and Quality Grade Metric Profile (QGP) for code quality classification
  • GOOD/BAD Digital Output for easy parts selection
  • Unified run-time interface for layout selection, daily operations, marking/grading statistics and history
  • Reader’s images storage and process LOG file
  • Supports IMMEDIATE MODE and DEFERRED MODE configurations
  • Simplified installation kit with wiring, mounting accessories and external lighting systems
  • Enhanced MATRIX family grading performance on codes marked with laser DPM

For more information on DPM scanning solutions, call 1-800-446-1991.