The new Joya Touch A6 Healthcare (HC) device will optimize your ROI and is designed for use in bedside care, admittance, nursing activities, pharmacy, data collection and sharing, etc.


The Joya Touch A6 device comes with a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon platform and features Android™ 6.0 Marshmallow (field upgradeable to Android™ 7.1 Nougat). This device is available in two form factors: a handheld version resembling a smartphone and a pistol-grip version with a comfortable trigger. Users can change from one form to the other with ease, adapting to applications and user preferences.


The Joya Touch A6 device is charged using the industry’s first wireless charging technology that eliminates the need for cleaning the contacts on the device and cradles. It radically reduces support costs and increases its life span. The multi-bay cradle and single cradles support both handheld and pistol-grip models of the device, ensuring the right configuration for every use or application.


The Joya Touch A6 device requires only 2 hours to fully charge the battery and the Boost Recharge feature ensures quick recharging. Six charging profiles are available to let the user decide which profile better suits their needs.


The Joya Touch A6 device can also be used as a phone using the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), leveraging your Wi-Fi network.

Datalogic Joya Touch A6 Features

  • Multi-purpose device: handheld or pistol-grip
  • Field upgradeable to Android 7.1 Nougat
  • Chemical resistant plastics / enclosure designed to withstand daily cleaning with harsh disinfectant solutions
  • Wireless charging eliminates all contacts on the device and cradle
  • Supports both Boost and Fast charging modes
  • VoIP phone capabilities over Wi-Fi
  • Presentation mode allows automatic scanning
  • Datalogic SoftSpot™ technology for innovative triggering through the touch display
  • 3-Axis Accelerometer auto-rotates the screen orientation
  • 4.3 inch capacitive multi-touch FWVGA display with Gorilla Glass 3
  • Vibration alert for notifications
  • Beacon support via BLE for geolocalization
  • Advanced 2D imaging technology
  • Datalogic’s patented ‘Green Spot’ technology for visual good-read feedback
  • EASEOFCARE Service Plans offer a wide range of service options to protect your investment, ensuring maximum productivity and ROI

Datalogic Joya Touch A6 Industry Applications

  • Patient Bedside Care
    • Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
    • Bedside Medication Administration
    • Specimen Collection
  • Laboratory
    • Specimen Tracking
    • Diagnosis and Tests
    • Blood Bag Traceability
    • Transfusion Tracking
    • Breast Milk Tracking
  • Pharmacy
    • Medication Dispensing Process
    • Replenishment and Inventory Management
  • Admittance, Accounting and Billing
    • In-patient
    • Out-patient
    • Emergency

For more information on data collection devices for healthcare applications, contact a product specialist at 1-800-446-1991.